Can Poetry Help End Malaria? | Maria Shriver

Malaria is apreventable disease. Malaria is a disease transmitted by obat demam berdarah alami mosquitoes thatbite at night. A long-lasting, insecticide-treated bed net creates a physical barrier against deadly malaria-carrying mosquitoes.

Ebola outbreak shuts down malaria-control efforts : Nature News & Comment

That could lead to people who do not have malaria being given antimalarial medication, which can contribute to the development of drug resistance in the parasite that causes the disease. It is important to get malaria control programmes back on track, says Teuscher, in part because they could help to fight Ebola. For instance, in Sierra Leone about 2,000 community health workers have been trained to go into villages to find and treat malaria.

A Healthy Baby Is a Mother’s Joy | Cover Africa

Global health professionals, including many malariologists, had come from all over the world in an attempt to explore how best they could share their workdeeply steeped in the sciences as it waswith general members of the community. I listened all day then opened each morning and closed each night with poetry that reflected the ideas presented. The scientists wanted to know how well they were being understood, so they brought in a poet to serve as a strainer. Whatever your minds webbing catches, one scientist told me, will help us see our own fields from another perspective. [Read Maria Shriver, “Do You Have The Strength to Be Exactly Who You Are?”] Back to the blank word document. Back to talking to myself: Its one of the most devastating diseases in the history of humanity.

Malaria Facts | Cover Africa

Yet, despite their best efforts too many babies and young children across Tanzania die each year from malaria. In fact a child dies every sixty seconds from this deadly disease. But all a mom needs to fully protect her baby is a simple insecticide-treated bed net. A child who sleeps under a bed net from birth onward could grow up never knowing the pain and suffering that malaria brings. This is why everyone in a community smiles big on the day when life-saving bed nets, provided by Nothing But Nets supporters, arrive.


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